2. Timothy Project

The Timothy Project is an extension of the Preaching Library. With this project we want to cater for all the other literature and help the preacher needs in his ministry. Where the Preaching Library focuses on help with the preaching of every week, the Timothy Project wants to help with all the other theological topics (doctrine, ethics, pastoral etc.).

Since 2008 we have received hundreds of requests a month for this kind of material from all the different users of the Preaching Library. In other words, users just started asking for more than merely the material for sermon preparation that we provided, without us asking or making such a service available! As you can see, this project is not the result of a dream, but has been born out of actual requests from individuals and organisations.

In 2012 we have made a start with the Timothy Project. As you can imagine, this project is so much bigger than the Preaching Library. Material on thousands of topics has to be found, tested and made available. Since 2012 the project has been growing steadily, but we are grateful that Rev. Eugene Viljoen has been working on this project since 2014 (with help from the Canadian Reformed churches and Reformed Faith and Life). His full-time involvement with this work has made a tremendous difference in our capabilities to help the ministers in Africa and Asia with this type of material.

There is still quite a lot of work to be done on this project. We also still need to purchase a lot of books for this project. We are committed to making this project work - to its fullest possible capacity! By full capacity we understand the possibility to give at least a few good and Scripturally sound articles/chapters on each Theological subject and issue, for all the different educational levels of the users. We really want to function as a full library for our users in the third-world-countries, within the limits of copyright laws.

For this project it is also of the utmost importance that our own physical library has all the Scripturally sound resources available. Please consider making a book donation. On this web page you will find a list of the books we have available currently (coming soon!). Please contact us if you have any useful books that you can add to our collection. The books can be in English, Dutch, French or Afrikaans.

We really do believe that this project can make a tremendous difference to ministers and students in third-world countries. We have received very positive feedback from the ministers and theological institutions that we have been helping!

We are waiting on the Lord, in the firm belief that He will show us a way in which we can be of even more service to these people. By God's grace this project should gain more momentum in the near future.