4. Christelike Media

While we have a strong focus on Africa and Asia, it does not mean that we want to walk away from our own situation in South Africa. In our own country there are still many of God’s children who have not forgotten what it means to live according to Scripture. With liberal tendencies within the different churches in this country, a lot of people have become very lonely by being obedient. We want to reach and help these people!

This website has the same motto as the Christian Library, but is in the Afrikaans language.

In Afrikaans we are much more limited in good material for a website, therefore we have a specific focus translating articles form Dutch and English into Afrikaans. We have permission from quite a lot of pastors to translate and use their work.

Vox Viva

The webpage of the “Christelike Media” also links to our monthly magazine, Vox Viva (“Living Voice”). Some of these articles are written by South African ministers, but most are translated from Dutch or English.

This magazine is well received within the borders of this country and is giving us a tremendous lot of contacts in South Africa.

The Education section

In South Africa there are Christian schools, Christian home schooling and even some public schools who are asking for assistance in building the Christian character of their school. In this Education section they can find articles on all different aspects of Christian education, as well as a full Christian curriculum. We are partners of Aros in this wonderful venture, and they are actively promoting this content around the country. We thank the Lord for the wonderful opportunities to work on the Christian education of South Africa!

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